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Tripplus Travel Service Inc.

Tripplus Travel Service Inc. 為美國登記在案的專業旅行社,幫助客人以最優惠的價格,享受美好的商務/頭等飛行。不管是從經濟艙升等或者商務艙/頭等艙的包套服務,都能幫每位客人找出最佳方案。

客戶體驗回饋 - truth telling of TripPlus service

Jessica Yu查看 Google 評論

Alston was very patient and detailed. He spent a lot of time to arrange my itinerary to fit my tight vacation schedule. I appreciate his help and highly recommend Alston to everyone who needs a awesome travel agent.

Liu Hung-Wei查看 Google 評論

Alston provides very detailed and considerable service when helping for my travel reservations. He is also willing to spend extra time to look for other solutions based on my requests. I would recommend Alston to my friends if they need assistance for the travel plans.

Jacky Yip查看 Google 評論

I’ve been using TripPlus service for over 2 years now. I have to say, every time Alston Lo always fulfill my request in a prompt and professional manner. Highly recommended for anyone need to travel to Asia. Looking forward for my trip in March, 2020!! Thanks Alston!!!!!

Tina Hsu查看 Google 評論

I’ve used TripPlus three times and received great service from Alston羅 every time. The process is a little complicated but Alston was able to tell me exactly what to do at any point.

I made a mistake on the form when I booked the ticket. Even though it was my own fault, Alston helped me contact the airline and get the problem resolved. It was truly exceptional service.

Arbry Love查看 Google 評論

TripPlus的服務專員Kacy,真的是我這輩子遇過最棒的專員!上次我幫我老公買票升等也是透過Kacy,她跟她的團隊服務的效率跟態度真的非常的好!我老公非常的滿意~然後也介紹了我的公婆要跟TripPlus 購買回台灣的升等里程,結果Kacy知道我的公婆還有多餘的長榮里程數時,反而建議我們先不要跟他們購買升等里程,然後她跟她的團隊還很熱心的花了好幾個小時的時間幫我公婆處理購買機票跟升等的事宜,重點是他們是主動免費的幫我們服務~真的超感動!即使我公婆沒有跟TripPlus購買,但他們依然充滿了熱誠,然後在第一時間盡量的幫我們處理問題!所以我在這裡真的跟大家很誠心的推薦TripPlus👍效率好!有耐心!服務態度又好!

Shu-Chen Chang查看 Google 評論

Tripplus 專員Alston羅的服務非常有效率,注意細節和溝通,讓訂位和升等商務艙相當順利,節省我很多時間,再次感謝Alston羅。未來會再繼續使Tripplus的服務,值得推薦給大家。

Eric Chen查看 Google 評論

Been using Tripplus for around two years now. Kacy has been helping me with all my business class upgrades. Not dripping with cash so it's great to have a way to fly business for cheaper than regular priced tickets. Kacy has been wonderful throughout. She took me step by step to lock in the tickets and book the upgrades. Most recently, she stayed up late contacting the airline to follow on available seats... we made it! last minute home run, game winning buzzer beater! She really came to bat for me and my family. We are grateful as we enjoy the comforts of business on our long flights to Asia. Thanks Kacy! Thanks Tripplus!

Lily Lin查看 Google 評論

Great thanks to Mr. Huang, he always provides nice, quick response and professional services, we will deal with Tripplus from now on and refer to our friends too.

Wang Cliff查看 Google 評論


Eunice Chuang查看 Google 評論

Great service!

I CHEN LIAO查看 Google 評論

我以多次跟 Tripoli’s 接洽多能用最划算搭商務艙洛杉磯-台灣來回 這次回台灣,非常感謝Cherie 很有耐心的回覆是 幫忙找到價錢合理來回升等商務艙 以後還是會繼續跟 Tripplus 購買升等 也會繼續推薦給身邊好友 謝謝 Tripplus 所有團隊

Po-Hsiu Su查看 Google 評論

我非常推薦Alston 羅先生,真心覺得他比美國運通的小秘書有用多了。處理速度快,熟悉票物流程。最重要的是他有時候會多幫很多其實不在他業務範圍內的事情。我今年跟他經歷過長榮罷工加上香港機場暫時關閉問題。票都只能取消變成holding狀態,過了幾個月後,他都還會記得客人的細節,然後給於協助。真的是售後服務做得很好。不會錢收了,下次叫你自己搞。現在只要要買機票,我一定就是問羅先生。服務直得讚賞,這種服務真的有價值。

ann chien查看 Google 評論

效率高 回報快 態度好

Jason Lin查看 Google 評論

Cherie has done wonderful jobs for arranging my trip to Taiwan. She is very cordial and transparent about booking options. She is very persistent to try to give clients the best deal possible. I would recommend her to anyone interested in flying business class. I and my family will for sure ask her to arrange our future trips. Well done! Cherie Chen.

Chuck Wang查看 Google 評論

This is my 2nd times using Tripplus. And they are awesome. Professional and quick response. Altson answered all my questions within a timely manner. I saved 50% on my business class ticket. I will continue using Tripplus.

mingtzu tsai查看 Google 評論

Very good service ! And every time I have book success upgrade business class !

Sharon Wang查看 Google 評論

Really appreciate TripPlus help me to purchased business class ticket at very good price. I will buy air ticket with them again in the future.

Bibby Lin查看 Google 評論


吳少凱查看 Google 評論















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